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At 67 years old I was a little skeptical about other weight loss programs that feature young dieters but when I saw that Dr. Hashimoto’s clients were my age I decided I would call him for a consultation. I am happy to report that after just about 7 months I am 97.5lbs down, off some medications and others have been reduced and I’m still losing weight consistently. My MD was blown away with my last lab test and said that he would probably eliminate all of my medications if I keep losing like this. I am so happy that I started this program because not only do I look and feel better, my joints don’t hurt and I’m healthier so I will be able to enjoy my retirement like I am suppose to.


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Weight Loss Service

  • Is rapid weight loss safe?
  • Do I need supervision?
  • Benefits of rapid weight loss
  • Common medications that could lead to weight gain
  • Will alcohol hurt my weight loss?
  • Why calorie counting and 95% of weight
  • loss programs don’t work well for women (and men) over 40
  • Why hormones play a big role in weight loss
  • Why hormones play a big role in
  • maintaining your weight
  • Why poor sleep patterns lead to hormone imbalance and weight gain
  • What to do when your weight loss plateaus
  • How to address fatigue
  • Why detoxification is important for weight loss
  • Why magic pills for weight loss don’t work
  • Much more...

Why Choose Us?

  • Dr. Hashimoto, DC has helped thousands of people lose weight over the years
  • We offer a balance between traditional medical weight loss & holistic natural weight loss
  • Our programs are designed for your specific needs, medications, and medical condition
  • There are no risky medications
  • It’s safe, natural, and effective


I Used To Always Plateau at 10-12 Pounds, But With This Program I Actually Passed My Goal and Lost 60 Pounds. I thought I knew everything about weight loss prior to seeing Dr. Hashimoto. As an ex-dancer and ex-nurse I thought it was always about diet and exercise; as a vegetarian I was doing everything correct but I couldn't seem to lose the weight. I am a regular in the "spin classes" at the gym and kept working my butt off, but couldn't seem to drop my size 14-16 outfits (I used to be a size 4). When I met with Dr. Hashimoto for a free consult, as a nurse I was extremely skeptical because I had tried everything but couldn't lose the weight, but I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and he seemed to take an alternative approach to weight loss. I am happy to report that I have finally dropped to a size 4-6 in clothes and 60lbs and feel confident about myself again. I literally tell complete strangers about the program now and went from complete medical skeptic to a raving fan. I hope my story inspires others like myself to take the first step to body transformation.

Caryl O.

Their Jaws Dropped To The Ground When I Started Talking... People around town don’t even recognize me now that I lost 75 pounds in a few months, I don’t have to hide behind baggy clothes and I feel like a sexy woman again. This program works great and I’ve Recommended it to everyone I see, they are all floored when they see me. Everyone has achieved great results like me. If you have trouble losing weight, you have nothing to lose, so I suggest you call for an appointment today.

Heather L.

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